Friday, December 6, 2013

The Nutcracker, Southern Style

     *Sigh*,  It's hard when you realize you've been spoiled your whole life and never knew it. I think it's called growing up.  Whatever it is,  we saw Dothan's version of the Nutcracker today.  I purposely held my tongue and said only good things about it.  Then Ben said, "Mom, I liked the other Nutcracker better, the one where the lady in the big dress is funny when she dances, and the cool guys come out and dance to the fast music, and they have a mean bear."  I was floored.  Ben hasn't exactly been thrilled the last few times we've been and he vowed last year that he wouldn't go again, but this year it got him out of a day of school, so he couldn't refuse. 

      I must give Ballet West serious props for it's presentation of The Nutcracker, and also, a huge shout out to Ogden Symphony Ballet Association for bringing it to Weber State every year.  Their show certainly made an impression on Ben (he's gone every year since he was three) and I must say, I was left feeling a little let down when the Russian dancers  took the stage today and they were young girls...I knew it just wouldn't be the same.  I'm sure New York and Chicago have amazing productions compared to Ballet West, but it's what we were used to.  Dothan tried hard, but in the end Ben and I had our own expectations.  I'm pleased to say Alan LOVED it and kept asking when his Nutcracker would "grow big and dance", so maybe there's a tradition in the making after all, but I will always miss the dancing Bear.

Me and Alan with our Elf hats after the Nutcracker and some yummy Chic-fil-a.

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