Sunday, December 8, 2013

Downtown Dothan Christmas Festival

     They brought snow to Dothan for a few hours yesterday and we took full advantage.  It was a chilly 55° which made the snow last even longer.  We paid $5 for a wristband that let them sled as much as they wanted.  
They were the last ones on the hill.

     They also had snow for throwing.  We spent most of our time sledding, but who can resist throwing a snowball or two.  The next two pictures show a series of events that happened too quickly for me to capture on camera.  I caught the before and after.

He got over the snowball fight pretty fast when I mentioned we were going to make s'mores.  

Then letters to Santa...

A train ride

      And more sledding.  I told you they closed the place down.  Last ones on the hill.  You would think sledding would be a universal sport, not requiring much skill or practice, but the kids in Dothan could learn a thing or two from my two Utah natives.  While other kids were using their hands to slow themselves down and then complaining about getting wet and scratched from the snow, Ben and Alan used their feet.  They also knew you can "steer" a sled with your weight and how to walk on slippery snow. They showed the other kids how to take a running start, spin, and go backwards.  And while other parents were telling their kids not to go too fast, or worrying when the sled started to turn I was cheering my little daredevils on.   It was pretty fun to watch.  The stairs made it possible to sled and sled without getting tired trudging up the hill in the snow and without all the heavy snow gear you can run easily back to the line.  We got a few looks and one lady did laughingly acknowledge we were not from around here.  No, no we are not.  So, while we would prefer to be back at our own Jaycee Park hill, this will tide us over nicely.
Enjoy the snow if you have it!


  1. I'm glad you got a little taste of snow. I almost called you last week about a great kids glove deal--but then I remembered. We'll try and save some snow for you until February.

    1. It was SOOO good to talk to you. Yes, please save us some snow!