Friday, December 20, 2013

Missionary Rival Stockings

      We're lucky enough to have 4 missionaries in our ward and they've become an important part of our lives down here.  We have both sets over about once a week and it's made our adjustment to the South much smoother, especially for my boys. They count the days until the missionaries get to come over again.

     They get to skype home on Christmas Day, a luxury I never even dreamed possible when I was a missionary.  I was thinking back on my first Christmas in the mission field.  My package from home got rerouted to Ecuador and my phone call was made in the very busy living room of the family we lived with.  It makes my heart happy to know we can offer our Dothan Sisters and Elders an I-pad and a quiet bedroom to have their Christmas Chat.  What I would have given?.... Knowing then, that the other three missionaries will be with us in the very busy living area of the house, I knew they needed something of their own to open. The socks are reversible.  Auburn on one side, Alabama on the other.  The Tallahassee Mission incorporates three states, so they need to remember their Christmas was in Alabama, and what better way than with football inspired stockings? I hit the Dollar store running.  I had a goal to purchase useful/meaningful items, but who can resist silly putty?

     There's still time and room in the socks to spare and I'd love your suggestions.  What are some things you would have appreciated during a Christmas away from home?

 Obviously, this Holiday entertaining guide is a "must-have" keepsake.

 The one and only recipe that looks feasible and yummy

I called their parents asking for recipes or traditions that might make Christmas Morning more fun, I hope it will be for them.  I know that their being with us will make it so much more bearable for us on our first Christmas away.  Merry Christmas Y'all!

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  1. You are so thoughtful. I'm sure the missionaries appreciated all of their little gifts. What a fun and special way to share Christmas.