Saturday, January 18, 2014

Roadtrip Highlights

These are for you, Mom and Dad...

*Inevitable vacation photo disclaimer:
      for those of you, ahem, Ryan, judging these photos and their photographers, please remember, most
      of them were taken by total strangers, just before a ride was starting, or with 200 other people
      waiting to take THE SAME picture....

 On the Road...

Downtown Disney...

We HEART Legos!

After some drama we finally made it to the Rainforest Cafe

Seuss Landing...

The only ride calm enough for Gma Jo-Jo...

The "Caro-Seuss-el"

You're a blurry one, Mr Grinch


Jurassic Park...

Ben, naming his baby T-Rex

We waited the longest for this Pteranodon ride.  1hr! 
Well worth the wait according to the boys + we had Little House on the Prairie to keep us company.  
The adventure ropes course that came after it was even more exciting.

Dean's "selfies" are sooo much better than my "selfies"

Is it just me, or do Gpa Blake and Alan look surprisingly un-phased by the massive genetically  engineered Tyrannosaurus Rex charging out of the jungle?


Hi-5-ing Captain America

 Harry Potter...

Chocolate Frogs

Waiting to be sorted

The Three Broomsticks

Our Stroller, the ultimate theme park necessity...
What'll we do when they're no longer young enough to require it's presence?
I might have to resort to a fanny pack, "gasp".

Total exhaustion

I asked them to show me their favorite things from the vacation.
Alan = seashell
Ben = Legos
Saide = Binki
Thanks for a great trip. We can't wait to do it again!


  1. I think I recognize a shirt and a pair of pants. For some reason seeing Oliver's hand me downs on Ben makes you seem not so far away. Hey--are you loving your minivan?! Looks cozy!

  2. We love the minivan! and the hand me downs! Ben announces, "these used to be Oliver's" every time he puts them on. It makes you feel closer too!