Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quilted Southern

     I stumbled upon these two quilts a few weeks ago.  It was one of those thrift store moments where you see what you want lurking in the back, behind the "employees only beyond this point" sign and you know you're going to risk them jacking up the price by asking, "is that available?" 

     I took the risk, and of course, they had to bring in the big guns from the "antiques department" of the Salvation Army and she informed me that the quilts were "really old" therefore they were going for $15 each.  I know I cringed inwardly, but my gaze held steady as a nonchalantly said, "great, I'll take both."  

     I know $30 might not sound like much, but when your thrift money is cleverly skimmed off the top of your monthly grocery budget, it can be a big sacrifice.  So there I was, anxiously standing at the checkout counter ready to only buy one, thinking how adorable they would be on two twin size beds in Sadie's room and trying to justify it, when the cashier asked, "how much did they want for these?"  

     I want it documented here and now that I didn't even hesitate, I said $15 each.  She stared at me and I thought, "oh no, she thinks I'm lying, that they should be more, but I'm not, I'm really not..." then she said, "for a couple of old blankets? How bout $15 for both".  I was floored.  I wanted to correct her and point out that these were not just a couple of "old blankets", that someone had hand quilted and hand pieced them, and look at the amazing variety of vintage fabric!!! But instead, I thanked her kindly, and left a penny in her penny jar.  

     I think I skipped to my car.  I found a few other things that day, and they'll probably make their way into a post soon, but I needed to showcase these quilts by themselves.  Oh, how I love them.  I can't wait to see them side by side in my baby girl's room.  


  1. Love! Love! Love!
    I just discovered u blog today! It is so great! I HAVE TO GO TO HOGWARTS!!! I didn't even know that theme park existed! My bucket list just grew by one:)
    You all seem to be thriving:) I am so happy for you:) Keep posting!

  2. Oh Brooke, they are soo beautiful. Those quilts alone could be worth your (short) stay in Alabama--except that I hate to think I could be so easily replaced by quilts--even southern antique ones. I can't wait to see them on Sadie's bed too. And your other finds?!! You've got me wondering.