Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

     We experienced our first official "Snow Day" in Alabama.  It was more like a light freezing rain, with a powdered sugar coating of snow, but it was enough to shut our little community down.  The schools informed us on Monday that there would be no school Wednesday due to snow, and the roads closed last night at 6:00 and you were only allowed to travel for emergency purposes.  On the plus side, Dean was asked "not to risk the drive" so he gets to stay home with us today.

     This is so unheard of where we came from, We Yankees could hardly believe they were giving us 24hr notice of a school closing, but today we're grateful as we heard about the students in Atlanta and Birmingham who are spending their snow day at school because they couldn't get home last night.  Our snow might not look like much, but without the experience and the right equipment even this much is crippling.

     We've already been laughed at by my dad, who informed us Ogden is expecting 5 inches tonight, and snow showers over the next three days.  It's different here.  The mere mention of snow in the forecast is enough to send people running to the grocery stores in a panic.  Our power was out for a few hours last night, but I'd say we've weathered the storm nicely.
     So, we'll hunker down, light a fire, play some board games, and maybe toss a few snowballs.  We're wishing we'd brought one of the bags of rock salt we left in our old garage, but it's kind of fun to pretend we're Southerners.  Besides, we're expected to hit 72º by Sunday.

A rare glimpse of our house in the snow. 
The last time there was snow on the ground was 2010, and before that, 1999.

Our "snow day" breakfast.

A piece of ice from the top of the trampoline.  

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  1. What a fun snow day! I'm glad your city and schools had a plan in place. I keep hearing stories about the other places that got hit with snow and people who abandoned their cars on the freeway simply because the city did not have a plan in place. By the way, your home is beautiful. It rained here today and Jonathan said the middle school cancelled soccer practice because of the "weather", so very different from what we are used to.