Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Predictions

    We've celebrated our Groundhog weekend with short sleeves and lots of outdoor play during a very mild weekend.  We went from 25* on Thursday to 72* by Sunday.  Needless to say the yard and garden are in desperate need of some attention, but we shirked our duty Saturday morning and went to art class instead.  The boys practiced "art made from repeating shapes" as featured in the framed piece behind them.   The heart stamp was cleverly made from a toilet paper roll.  

     We hope our days get longer and warmer as we head into February.  
"Did the Groundhog see his shadow?" Ben asked this morning.  
"Um, I don't know, should we go check the internet?"  I answered.   
"No, it doesn't really matter because it's almost Spring here" said Ben, and Alan asked, 
"What's a Grindhug?'
 We don't know what Punxsutawney Phil the "Grindhug" did or didn't see , we were too busy enjoying what feels like an early Spring.  Either way, we'll soak up the warmth while we can.  

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