Monday, February 17, 2014

"Everything is awesome"... when you're eight!

     Happy Birthday, Benjamin!  It's great to be eight!  Ben, the special valentine Dean and I both share.  He came into this world reluctantly on a stormy afternoon eight years ago. His reluctance has turned into a steadiness that I envy.  Of all the holidays to celebrate your special day on, this one seems to have a perfect balance of being just special enough to set you apart and make people say, "oh, a valentine's birthday", and giving everyone else the chance to feel special and celebrate too.  It fits Ben, a pleaser to the max, (unless it's his parents) making him feel special, but letting him celebrate everyone else too.  There is always added thought that goes into his class valentines and he makes sure we have a special treat for the School Valentine Party that coordinates with his birthday theme. Pretzel rod lightsabers in Kinder, last year, glazed doughnuts (rings) for The Hobbit, and this year, Lego face cupcakes.  I'm not exaggerating, he comes up with this stuff himself. 

     He refused to deviate from our standard Friday fare, so pizza it was.  Heart shaped, of course. We've tried going out, but it is impossible to take Ben to dinner., the crowds are insane and no one believes it's his birthday.  They all think we're trying to score a free dessert for V-day.

It's supposed to be a giant Lego head.  At least Ben knew what it was.

     Perhaps the ultimate gift.  A pocket knife smuggled secretly through the mail from Utah.  The very one he had begged and begged Dean for this past summer. Of course it's his favorite gift, what eight year old boy doesn't want his own pocket knife?  I believe his actual words were, "Dad, this is the best gift ever, EVER!"

Ben at eight:  
Favorite color - gold
Favorite hobby/toy - Legos, the Golden Ninja
Favorite food - chicken nuggets
Favorite books - The Hobbit and Harry Potter
When I grow up I want to be a - scientist, so I can build a shrink ray
I want to serve a mission in - Utah!...or Hawaii
Favorite birthday present - pocket knife
Best Friends - Byrdie and Henry in Ut, Tucker in Al
Favorite school subject - math and recess

     Ready to watch the Lego Movie.  Five new friends went with us to see what Ben has dubbed, "the awesomest movie ever".  He was really torn up about not having three very cherished friends from Ogden there to celebrate with him.  We're learning there can be room for new friends even though we wish we were still with the old ones.  Dean and I came away with the knowledge that the questionable behavior and quirkiness we've noticed recently in Ben is TOTALLY normal as evidenced by Ben's birthday guests and their conversations too and from the theater. He's gonna be just fine!

     As we settle into eight, I'm optimistic.  There are lot's of new responsibilities and privileges that come with eight.  An upcoming baptism and a baseball season that required a "tryout" are just some of the new exciting things for this birthday boy.  He's got a pocket knife and 364 more days of being eight, so watch out!
Everything really is AWESOME!


  1. Eight really is great. You are such a great mom for making his birthday special. I have never made a themed cake for any of my kids so I love it when others do it with such creativity. It's an awesomely beautiful lego head. Just realize that that pocketknife is just the first of many that he will want for his collection. Jon has about 7 or 8 and still looks for more.

  2. I thought it was an awesome lego head cake. What a fun birthday!