Friday, February 21, 2014

Impressions: Books of a Certain Age

They built a new library. I guess these just weren't good enough.  100 book for $25.  We couldn't count fast enough.  Six hands searching through well-loved titles.  They smell delicious!

I'm joining my dear friend Mamabyrd in her beautiful weekly "Impressions" posts.  She's opening up this part of her blog to anyone who would like to participate.  Just leave a link to your blog or website in the comments.  If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here or there.


  1. Those books look amazing. I hope you make some sweet notebooks out of some of those. Even though I haven't made any notebooks for quite awhile I still search for books that would make fantastic notebooks, especially old library books, (old habits and great memories die hard).

    1. I know, I have books coming out my ears now. Such sweet memories cutting and binding and selling...

  2. What a score! I miss those old, hard bound kids books! Kudos, Brooke!