Thursday, February 27, 2014

Warm Weather Sweater


     I've been asking around about a knitting club, guild, anything that will bring me in contact with people who love yarn as much as I do.  I'm relatively new to this hobby myself, but I desperately miss the chatting, the admiring, the "oohing" and "ahhing" over someone's new project, and yes, even the gossip, that happens during the knitting nights in our previous city.  I miss the trouble shooting and the helpful hints shared, but mostly I miss the friendship of a community of women interested in the same thing.  I really hadn't touched my needles in a while because, as someone told me, "there's really no need to knit when it doesn't get cold".  
     Well, this "winter" proved to be one of the coldest on record in the South and I decided to stop making excuses.  I needed a sweater that would take us through a visit to Utah in the Spring and hopefully still fit if it gets cold-ish here in the fall.  I stumbled upon this pattern from Ravelry.  I scored some Superwash Merino Cashmere at Tuesday Morning for a steal.   It's Lion Brand.  The color is Limoncello.  I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

 Adorable, runny nose and all

      There are supposed to be three buttons, and there will be, eventually.  I have enough yarn to make it a tad longer if I decide to and I can add the buttons then, but I really liked this metal white one with the sweater and I only had one.  It's just the right degree of warmness when it rarely drops below 40.  I have big plans for this sweater.  Maybe one in a dusty pink for my Sadie, and a gift for a dear friend in a new state with the same weather conditions. The best part about this sweater is that it caused two people to stop me at church and ask if I knit.  I thought I had exhausted all my options of forming a group, but it looks like there might be knitters in Alabama after all.  


  1. Oooh, Ahhh, it is wonderful Brooke and I absolutely love that button. I hope you can create a wonderful knitting group in your area, but really not as wonderful as the one we had because we have to have excuses for "needing" to move back to Utah someday, even if it is when we are old and gray we can still be knitting for grandkids, right?

  2. Brooke, this is so beautiful. I already added this pattern to my raverly favorites. The yarn seems just perfect. I wanted to ask how much yardage you used on the sweater. And what needle size did you use? Was the lace hard? I may just have to try it out. Good job. I'm sure you'll start up a knitting group in no time. Who wouldn't want a legitimate excuse to get away from the kids for one evening a month and chat with friends.