Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going once, going twice, SOLD...

      I braved the crowds yesterday to attend the Library Auction Sale.  They're tearing it down on Wednesday and I had my eye on a few things.  We got our number and the bidding commenced.  It was my first auction experience and I was full of nervous energy.  Part of me was actually worried that I would accidentally bid on something I didn't want. Alan desperately wanted to hold the number, but we had been warned several times that all bids counted, even mistakes, so I held tight to #65.

     My nemesis, the Lady in the pink sweatshirt.  She out bid me on everything,  She's a dealer and I just couldn't compete with her seemingly unlimited funds and tax exempt status.

The orange stools I desperately wanted for the boys dual desk we are planning on building.  When Pinky snagged them I almost cried.

The chairs I ended up getting for significantly less money when I was out bid on the orange beauties.  Not nearly as cool, but vintage and fun in their own way.

     The wooden card catalog that sold for more than the "buy as is" price of $350 the day before.  That's the trouble with auctions, maybe you'll get a bargain and maybe you won't.

    My treasures from the  Friday pre-sale...

Them - "The clock on the wall, Ma'm, you want to buy the clock on the wall!?"
Me - "Um, yes please, but only if it's $5"

     A new computer desk, so desperately needed at our house.  The sweet little drawer even had three new typewriter ribbons in it...BONUS!

Knobs and buttons, clunky and boxy.  Not at all sleek and modern, but look at the detail of the heat lamp's pedestal, beautiful.

     I have been looking for one of these everywhere.  An OLD tape player with a record button and a place to plug in earphones, and a variable speed control (we always called it the "chipmunk switch").  I wanted one for Christmas for the boys to listen to all our tapes with, but they have a hefty price tag on e-bay.  Imagine my glee when I found TWO sitting in the "throw away" pile.  Happy Dance!

     Two drawers from an old wooden card catalog.  Probably the closest I'll ever come to owning a full one.   So glad these two loners were available.

     Upon entering the Library Friday, I was immediately disappointed when I saw that an antique's dealer had been called in to manage the sale.  My heart sunk when I saw the quirky yellow Eames Chairs marked at $150 each and the antique drop-leaf dining table for over $200.  I quickly turned towards the books thinking they would be more in my price range.  On my way to the children's section I passed the "store room".  The door was open and the lights were on and the sign out front said "everything for sale" so I took them at their word and snagged the TWO wooden ladders, a forgotten bookcase, the turquoise wheelbarrow, the radio,  and the heat lamp.  Nothing was priced, so I was able to do some bargaining. They quickly wanted to know where I had found my stash and when I showed them the store room the dealer laughed and said if I was brave enough to dig through the storage closet he would give me the bargain I was asking for.  Lesson learned...go for the dirty, junky stuff everyone overlooks and you'll score every time.  Won't that wheelbarrow be so adorable with blankets and soft toys stacked in it in Sadie's room?

     The art prints are Untitled by Winslow Homer.   They remind me of El Salvador and the beach we've grown so fond of here.  They were a matched set of four, but I left the other two pricier ones behind with my finger's crossed they'd still be there at auction.  Later the same day I was talking with the YW's Pres. from our ward and she told me about some "great beach prints" she scored at the Library sale.  We had a good laugh when we realized we have mutual taste.

     The Seth Thomas clock again. I just can't get enough of it's lovely face.  I actually went back and took the second one down from the wall just as I heard someone ask if there were any more "old school clocks".  We're going to be keeping time in style around here.

    I'll leave you with one of my favorites...This lovely poster.  This week the Library was "Bama's #1 Bargain. I don't know that it saved me time or energy, but it was a good haul.  Something I've been missing and honestly didn't think I'd find here.  Glad to know I was wrong.


  1. O man you scored big time. I just might steal that ladder book shelf idea from you.

  2. I love it all! You do know just where to look and just how to squeeze that deal out of an "antique auction." I just keep thinking I want to come and visit and see how you have it all arranged. I ought to send BHG down there. I'm sure your "found items" home would end up on the cover.

    1. Sarah, you are too generous with your compliments. You know it all just looks like rusty junk with a little love. I really missed you and Syrina and Julie...Imagine what we could have packed into TWO minivans and a truck?! Hugs!