Saturday, February 8, 2014

Upscale Resale

     Sis and I had ourselves a "girls day" today.  Well, sort-of.  It started out as a "let's go find Benjamin a suit for his Baptism" day and evolved into a girls day with two boys in tow.  The flyer came home, "Upscale Resale, from one well dressed child to another."  Thinking this might be the perfect opportunity to score a blazer for Ben's big event, I piled everyone into the car even though Dean is on-call this weekend and that usually means we stay put.

     It's held at the Houston County Farm Center and I really wish I'd remembered my camera.  It's a large metal warehouse with rows of double hung children's clothes.  Imagine an industrial version of Kid to Kid.  Mostly little girl stuff, I can't quite figure out what people do with all their boy clothes in this city?  The thrift stores here have much more girl stuff than boy stuff too.  Speaking of thrift stores, I now know why the only clothing I find there have Faded Glory labels.  Because everyone saves their stuff for this event.  A tad overpriced for my taste, and all that smocking! (I know we're in Alabama, but little girls can wear an un-smocked dress.)  But we did score some sweet additions to our Summer wardrobe.   Mostly from the shoe department.

     I have not forgotten the sweaty baby feet, and their smell, from last summer.  I'm hopeful these will take us through 2015.  Gold and white, they'll go with everything.  I'm not sure how well picked over the shoes had been.   Today was the last day and some items were marked 1/2 price.  The cashier did comment that she was glad these "well loved" shoes had found a home.  Who cares how loved they are if they're leather and less than $5!
     And, we may not have found a blazer, seriously, moms of older boys, where do you find these things for a reasonable price?, but we did purchase the only shoes for a child older than 5.  A pair of handsome brown dress shoes for Ben.  At least his feet will look nice for the baptism.

     One last thing I took away from today?  The compliments I got on sweet Sadie's outfit.  Imagine my surprise when four different women stopped me to ask where I had gotten her leggings? sweater?  "Did you find that outfit at the mall? I love it!".  I honestly didn't know what to tell them.  The only thing purchased at retail price is the zebra print tunic still in use well after it's 9 mo tag.  The sweater pants, handmade.   Personally,  I always think she looks a little haphazard.  I try to imitate the beautifully mis-matched outfits I see in the Boden catalogs, but I always feel I come up short.  Anyway, today I left feeling satisfied that maybe the "well loved" shoes we purchased won't look so "used" when they're paired with a sweet thrifted sundress and a hand knit vest I have in mind.  


  1. I think she looks like she just walked off a Boden shoot--adorable! And great shoe finds! Are you looking for just a Blazer for Ben or a suit?

  2. Sarah! Not sure what to do for Ben. I've been on e-bay and elsewhere. What did you do for Ollie?

  3. You always had such a knack for style, I've attempted it a couple of times, but in the end I think I'll keep the yoga pants, hoodies, and t-shirts (especially if I had the cool Lego man one). Tell Ben A Happy Late Birthday from all of us, and we're looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  4. My mom gets most if not all of Walker and Ben's Sunday clothes at DI, so you may just have to come to Utah a little earlier or have Joey look. And lil sis would be a perfect Anthro Baby model, you are so talented. Love ya.