Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Botanical Gardens

 A few Saturdays ago we visited our local Botanical Gardens.  I was anxious to check out some local plants and the boys wanted to visit the "Scarecrow Trail" which had a display from their school.

Two more minnions lurking in the Highlands Elementary Scarecrow Trail entry.  
They ended up winning the "People's Choice" award.

New plants we aren't familiar with are proving to be an interesting challenge.  

There was a wedding going on just over the hill and I think Ben was helping Alan be quiet, but I'd like to think there was a little bit of spontaneous brotherly love involved too.

Our visit was inspiring and gave me hope that things will grow in this very different and challenging climate.  I will still long for lavender and peonies and lilacs, but I'm optimistic about other plants in our future.  
We'll be growing brothers and plants out of the Alabama clay.

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