Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wiregrass Museum of Art

Our local museum of art offers a free children's art class the first Saturday of every month.  We stumbled upon this one recently while waiting for Dean to finish up at the hospital.  We learned about the careful technique required when using chalks and how layering and smudging can be used.

Ben's masterpiece

Our Gallery

They have a small, but growing, children's section in the basement of the museum with some interactive art displays and exhibits.  It's not quite the Treehouse Children's Museum we're used to, but we'll take it.


  1. Sweet work! Have you ever read Micawber? It is a cute book about a squirrel who loves to visit the art museum. Even though Sam isn't as interested as I would like him to be with art, he sure loves reading the book.

  2. Free art classes--that's a great find Brooke! I'm sure your collection of children's artwork will grow very quickly now. I love that one of Ben's--it would look good in a frame in his room. Even the color scheme works.