Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Fun-Size" Temple Trip

     Last Saturday I went to Birmingham.  The city is lovely, and relatively close, so hopefully we'll get to visit more often.  They have a LEGO store, so yes, we'll be back. The Stake schedules regular temple trips, but they're on Wednesdays and I just don't have a free 12 hr stretch to make the journey on a weekday, but I was able to go help the youth with baptisms and it was wonderful.

     "It's soooooo tiny".  Those were the first words out of my mouth and I think I offended some fellow passengers, but I could not get over this adorable "fun-size" temple.  It serves its purpose and is such a blessing for the members in our area.  I long for the day when we'll hear of one being announced in Tallahassee, and I haven't even lived here that long.

      I was able to be with Sis Pulliam, pictured above.  She has been a member since June and this was her first temple excursion.  She had 5 family names ready for baptism.  A real role model.  She just got called to work in the family history center.  I know she will bless so many with this new responsibility.

   Birmingham reminded me size really doesn't matter, and it really is what's inside that counts. 

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