Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tom Turkey

I've been seeing the daily "gratitude posts" on Facebook and other social media sites.  You know the ones, where you choose something new to be grateful for each day and share it.  Well, as wonderful and good intentioned as I think those posts are, I just couldn't get excited about doing something like that myself.  A- I know I would forget and get behind and then it just becomes an annoying read for others, and B- I have way more then 23 things to be grateful for and most of them are silly things like my food disposal and good yarn.  
Of course I'm grateful for faith, family, friends, health etc..., but isn't that a given?  
So for this post consider me grateful for all the things one should be grateful for this time of year.  
Now, let me introduce you to "Tom Turkey", table centerpiece, party decoration and colorful novelty.  I found him sitting all alone on a thrift store shelf.  A bargain at 75 cents.  I fell in love with his vintage packaging and since true Thanksgiving decorations are scarce at our house, I brought him home to fill a spot on the mantle.  

Some other Thanksgiving decorations we were able to scrounge up (although severely politically incorrect) 
and two random recent thrift finds I just had to share. 

 A jumbled post, but that's how I roll nowadays. 
We hope you all have a wonderful month full of grateful moments and grateful hearts.  

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  1. I love your glasses. I bet your house is just bursting with character and style. I'd love to see it some time. I'm missing you a lot today.