Sunday, November 17, 2013

Burgers and Sauce

Is it a rite of passage, the art of grilling a good burger?  Whatever it is, learning to add just the right amount of garlic and worcestershire and the exact ratio of ketchup to mayo is a much needed life skill.

Dean capitalized on the 75* weather and put the propane tank to good use.

The inevitable taste test

Now that's a burger!

They always eat better when they participate in the making.  
It's something we've tried to capitalize on, and it works consistently.  

Every Sunday we sit down and each person has to say one nice thing about everyone else.  Tonight Ben said, "I'm grateful to Dad who teaches me hard and scary things, even though I think I might die.  I always trust him, though, and I never die." He never let on he was scared of the grill while they were cooking.  I guess a grill and flames can be intimidating when you're 7, but trust is a good lesson to learn and so is burger making.

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  1. Oh My Gosh, that burger looks so good. I love it when Spencer cooks hamburgers and hot dogs and I just have to get everything else ready. I hope he does it more and more since we too will be in warmer weather soon and more time on his hands. He may just have to get Dean's recipe for the perfect burger.