Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Wolf

Raising his hand when asked, "who got the 'bullseye' in archery" at day camp.

Scouting... I have to be honest, it's one of my least favorite organizations.  Pricey uniforms and badges combined with SO much time and effort on the part of parents are just two of the reasons I inwardly roll my eyes when the subject comes up.  I'm sure a lot of it stems from helping three younger brothers complete their Eagle projects.  That said, we have a great Cub Pack in Dothan and the best part is, I just get to show up and accept my parent pin.

Our leaders are dedicated and really like scouting which helps, trust me.  (I tried to like it when I was over the 11 yr old scouts, but it's hard to fake.)  I love that Dean LOVES scouting, so a lot of the motherly scouting responsibilities I can pass to him.  He really deserves the pin, not me.  Also,  Ben is pretty motivated.  I know scouting is a good thing, I really do.  I'm so grateful the LDS church embraces and supports it.  I can't imagine flying solo.

I saw his eyes sparkle when they mentioned the upcoming Pinewood Derby and announced the Day Camp at the Lewis Farm this weekend.  Again, can I just say how grateful I am for good leaders who plan/coordinate all of this so I don't have to.

Trying to escape the obligatory "mom hug".

Just some of his loot.  In total he advanced to Wolf and earned, archery, bb gun, swimming, marbles, and geology belt loops.

I guess it's on to Bear. More belt loops and arrow heads, patches and beads.  His excitement is contagious, thank goodness for that.  

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