Thursday, September 18, 2014

Story Time

Every Wednesday Sadie and I try to make it to Story Time at the local library.  It's a good time for her to interact with other littles and a good time for me to knit and just watch her explore and play.

Sigh, this is what Sadie likes to do while all the other good little boys and girls sit and listen...

(side note: everyone, and I mean everyone, stops and glares at me when they hear the first stack of books hit the ground.  What do they want me to do?  If I try and make her sit and listen she just throws a fit, and if I don't keep bringing her she'll never learn how to sit and listen, right.  She knows to come in and sit, but that lasts a total of three minutes.  Moms, your thoughts?  It's not like I don't know we have to clean it up.)

We tried leaving last week without her stamp (ahem, because she was destroying bookcases) and she threw an even bigger fit.  I told her she couldn't have her stamp until she picked up her mess.  This week she destroyed the bookcase, but then picked up the books and went to ask for her stamp.  Progress is progress, right?

This is why we really come to library time.  They only take the trains out after story time.  Every other time we've come they've been put away.  The trains at home don't interest her, but here, with her "friends", she can't get enough.

I miss Weber County Library, mostly for the "Amazing Carlos" and his storytelling capabilities, but also because they've mastered the art of keeping even little children entertained for 20 minutes.  The storyteller here is young, and she tries hard, but maybe it's an opportunity for me to get involved when Sadie and I aren't joined at the hip all day... a thought, anyway.  Now if they could just figure out how to do story time in an area without those tempting bookcases.  They're just begging to be rearranged...

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  1. I don't really have any advice. I'm just really surprised that they do story time right next to the books. They should find some more enclosed private space I think. Good luck.