Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the Garden

We picked our first cucumber today.  Weird, I know, this September-December gardening stuff, but it's something we could get used to.  The cucumber plant is really taking off.  Lot's of blossoms.  Ben planted spinach, lettuce, radishes, and chives (in Byrdie's honor).  I'm wishing I'd planted beans and beets, but this year was a bit experimental.

Just little rows, but they give such hope...

Our "summer" tomatoes are all but done.  Good thing our "autumn" tomatoes are blossoming.

Stay tuned for our progress in our Southern Garden.  I hope to be able to make you all jealous of fresh produce while we envy your crisp mornings and crunching leaves...


  1. Very jealous, they look so beautiful and tasty. My garden consists of weeds as tall as the garage and briars and whatever dead little animals the neighbor cat has killed and left in various places in the yard. So you can see why I am just green with envy. I loved your post on the banned books, I can actually see why Captain Underpants would and should be banned, I can't understand that series, but at least it is getting some kids who wouldn't otherwise pick up a book to enjoy reading. And Sadie's sweater is gorgeous. Great work!

  2. Dear Brook l was reading your blog and l came to the section of your blog where the vegetables are, and I was so happy that I started crying, l read the part about the chives, l think you are so nice.


    1. Sweet Byrdie, how we miss you!! We can't wait to see you in December. We hope you have a wonderful Halloween carnival. We are looking forward to seeing all your pictures in your costumes. Hugs!!