Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Banned Book Week

Our local library has been highlighting banned books this past week.  The boys saw the display last week and were asking about it, so we looked into some of the activities offered.  We went to a banned book story time and listened to Green Eggs and Ham, Where the Wild Things Are, and Streganona, all of which were banned at some point.  We also made tote bags to let everyone know we weren't afraid of checking out a banned book or two.

I was actually really surprised at the banned titles on display.  They were so recent. I guess I'm naive and thought banning books was something that used to be done. All ten of these fairly recent publications have been challenged and "removed from shelves" in past years.

Ben and Alan choosing their tote bag design...

They couldn't figure out why it needed to be backwards...

We learned some ironing skills too.

"Don't join the book burners. Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book" - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Ben was inspired to get his own card.

I asked if books had ever been banned in Dothan.  The librarian informed me there was a fuss over Harry Potter and someone petitioned for the movie "Rango" to be removed from the children's section because they heartily disliked Johnny Depp, but their policy is usually if you don't want to read it, you don't have to, but it will stay on the shelf.  I like that policy.

Thanks, Houston County Library, for introducing two new readers to banned books.  They can't wait to read them all.

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