Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soccer Mom (& Dad)

Have I mentioned they like sports down here?  We got a taste of it during baseball season.  Two games a week per child, times two boys, equals a lot of ball playing and we've jumped right back into it with soccer season.  Most Tuesdays and Thursdays we have a double header.  You'll find us rushing back and forth in the Westgate Soccer complex trying to make it to each game.

It's especially hilarious when both games are scheduled at the same time.  Poor Sadie doesn't know whether we're coming or going.  As soon as she settles into her chair and gets her crackers and cup arranged just how she likes it I'm packing up to rush off to watch half of the other game.

Ben's team are the Chargers.  Here he is throwing in the ball.  They've won all their games so far and his coach is wonderful.  While other teams are playing set positions so they can win, Ben's coach rotates each player every quarter.  Ben's played every position but he likes mid-fielder best.

Alan is on team Fusion.   The six year olds play what we like to call "magnet ball"  they all clump around the ball and follow it in a swarm.  My favorite part of soccer has been meeting some hispanic, Spanish speaking families.  Alan has brought back a little of his Espanol now that he thinks it's cool to speak a secret language to his friend Daniel.

Their favorite part of soccer?  the Sonic run we make after their games.  No, Alan didn't spill his.  That is sweat, my friends.  That's what happens when it's still 90* at 7:30 p.m.  It's silly but I associate soccer with sweater weather, and it's definitely not sweater weather here.  But sweat and all, soccer is a sport both of them are enjoying, and surprisingly excelling at.  It seems the concept has finally clicked for Ben, and Alan, well, we think it's in his DNA.


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