Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flat Sheet to Fitted..

Just like most other things in my life this impromptu project was born out of sheer necessity.  You see, I suffer from the bad habit of doing laundry and then forgetting it in the washer.  It's usually ok, except for those rare moments when you need that specific pair of soccer shorts or, ahem, sheets.  Yes, I know it's ridiculous to have only one set of sheets for young boys.  It wasn't always this way.  I have a closet full of twin size sheets, but when we switched to bunk beds I realized those sheets kind of need to match the duvets, so I've resorted to using a solid red and orange sheet because they blend well and we already had them.  I've told myself a thousand and one times that we need more sets, but when push comes to shove I have a hard time shelling out money for
A. scratchy big box store sheets, or
B. pricey sheet sets because the boys don't use a top sheet so I feel like it's a total waste of money.

I stumbled upon a set of new sheets from Target (I'll buy the scratchy big box store sheets if they're only $2) at the Salvation Army.  The stripes grabbed my eye and I thought, "man, they're perfect,  I really wish there was another set."  I put them in my cart anyway and while I was shopping an idea began to form.  I wonder if  you can turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet?  Turns out the internet if full if tutorials on how to do just that.  I now have so many possibilities in my linen closet.  At least five sheet sets that can be made into matching fitted sheets so my boys never have to sleep on their mattress protectors again.

Here's my sloppy tutorial, although once you cut the initial square it's not hard to figure out.

This square turned out to be a little big and the sheet fit a little tight because of it.  I don't mind, but if you actually measure you will probably be more pleased with your results.

Serge/sew right sides together to make your corner pocket

Make a casing for the elastic and stretch it as you sew.  (I forgot to take a picture of this, so this photo shows the finished casing.)

(I feel like this shouldn't have taken me this long to figure out.) What tricky house problems have you solved lately?

Matching success!!!  Alan was thrilled and kept telling me he loved his "new bed"  I think they were just shocked to see what they looked like made.  It's been a while.

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  1. Those striped sheets are perfect with the duvet print! It looks so good. What size did you cut your square? I did this with Oliver's flat sheet and it turned out too big. I wanted to get it right before I work on Byrdie and Louisa's sheets. I really love love love not messing with flat sheets on bunk beds. Those duvets are really a life saver. Great tutorial!