Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Big Money" at the Pinewood Derby

Last night was Ben's first official Pinewood Derby.  He and Dean worked on their car for weeks, sanding, and weighting, and painting.  It looked great and there were high hopes as we set off for the Stake Center.  Alas, due to some miscommunication, (Dean and I talk, I promise, I honestly don't know how this happened) we were super late to the race.  They held the Derby for us as we came scrambling in to the weigh-in.  Ben wasn't able to grease his wheels or take a practice run.

You can't see very well, but it says 3rd place, Marturello :(

The winning Webelo, Wolf, and Bear cars in the final heat.

Ben's car was dubbed "Big Money" by his scout masters because we had to throw three pennies on it last minute to reach the 5oz weight.  It came in dead last overall, and set the track record for the slowest car, but as soon as they gave him his medal, he didn't care anymore.  He put "Big Money" next to the champion car he made last summer for a birthday party.  The fastest car and the slowest car sharing a shelf.  In the end, it was the time spent making the car that gave him the real victory.

Thank you to all those who make this event possible every year!!

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