Monday, February 23, 2015

Year of the Goat

"Mom, did you know it's the year of the goat?",  Alan randomly asked me last week.  Apparently they had been discussing Chinese New Year in the first grade.  Alan seemed interested in it and sweet and sour chicken was already on our weekend menu, so we mad an occasion out of it.  

By "occasion" all I really mean is fortune cookies and chopsticks, but they were pleased anyway.  I tried to find some of the placemats with all the New Year's animals represented, but Dothan doesn't offer much in the way of Chinese restaurants, so we made do with a quick Google search.  We have a Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, and Dog in our family.  Some more compatible with each other than others.

I'm crossing my fingers that Alan's fortune holds true for all of us.  May this new year bring happiness to you and yours or as this Chinese blessing says, "everyday a cheerful goat".

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