Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

I've been anxious to get out in the garden.  This was supposed to be the week.  The peas we planted weeks ago have sprouted and it's time to clean out the winter flower beds, but it's raining.  Like, really raining.  Thankfully I have two whole seasons of Call the Midwife to view and a new knitting project.

I almost put off starting this hat until next year.  It's The Big Easy, found here.  I've seen it on several people and I have a feeling this just may be the hat I've been searching for that will finally fit my oddly shaped head.  It was starting to look like we might not have any more cold spells, but Mother Nature is full of surprises, and if I hurry, it looks like I just might get a chance to wear it.

As for the series I'm watching, I held off watching Call the Midwife thinking it might just be too "real life".  Let's face it, if I spend time watching something I want it to be an escape.  I was worried watching the adventures of a 1950's midwife might not be that, but the BBC does what it does so well, and I'm officially addicted.  The characters are sweet, and real, and developed, and I am now hopelessly involved in their lives.  And the babies, oh the babies!!

There's only 20 minutes left until the bus comes, and Sadie will wake up, and my real life will begin, so I'm off with my yarn to London's East End.  Hopefully I'll get in a few rows on this rainy day.

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