Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pseudo Succulents

I've been seeing succulents everywhere recently.  I adore them outside, but they've been popping up in magazines and other places as indoor arrangements.  In October I noticed them all over our hotel lobby in Orlando. They had large pieces of bark with moss and succulents growing on them.  I noticed a woman spraying them one morning and I asked her about the arrangements.  She said they were only temporary because it's hard to make succulents last indoors.

I knew this from experience.  Succulents need dirt, and sunlight, and to be left alone, and that's hard to accomplish indoors.  But the look is so classy.  I love how they add just a hint of green, without being a huge houseplant that I forget to water.  Anyway, fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I found myself in the Dollar Tree searching for Valentine's and birthday items and I stumbled across a rack of mini potted succulents.

I know, I know, plastic plants are not en vogue, but these didn't scream plastic, so I grabbed a few.  Also, have you noticed the price of faux succulents at other craft/hobby stores?  I brought them home and started arranging and I had to go back for more.  I must say, they make me happy.  They've even received a few compliments.

 (They even had dogwood blossoms and pussy willows that I couldn't pass up) 

It feels a bit more like Spring in our house now.  A cheap and easy way to bring a bit of the outside in, even if it's plastic.  At least Sadie can rearrange them to her hearts content and I don't need to vacuum up after her, right?

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