Friday, February 20, 2015


We're all in denial about her addiction.  That's why she resorts to carrying around the CD cover and changing into her Frozen shirt the minute we walk in the door.  Sometimes I wish Disney could work their magic on something more useful like a princess who only eats her veggies, or really wants to potty train.  THAT I could fully support.

Joining Mamabyrd and others in their weekly impressions.  Add your own impression either here or there.


  1. But strong willed princesses and singing snowmen aren't so bad. Eventually her shirt will get too stained to wear anymore--maybe some carrot juice could help?

  2. Be grateful you have a child who is passionate! It may seem silly right now, but I'm sure one day that strong personal taste and willful spirit will serve her well, and she will be just as classy and talented as her mama. Think of the kids who slowly lose that passion and themselves. That's the saddest thing...

    1. You're both so right. Her passion and willfulness are good attributes. But oh, those songs, they're only catchy the first 100 times you hear them... Am I right?